Shimmies V: Peace, Love and Shimmies

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Shimmies V logo by Lacy Chenault (
Baseema and *Samantha* present
Shimmies V:  Peace, Love and Shimmies!
It's our 5th year and we have changes!!!
We have a new shiny name!
We've shortened it to "Shimmies". 

Running the Race Against Cancer

Through Running the Race Against Cancer, *Samantha* and Baseema will be taking on the fitness portion of the fundraiser together with a 5K. 
Or a 10K ... we're not sure!
Baseema & *Samantha*

We will still be raising money for cancer research and treatment. 
All proceeds from workshops, raffles, and the performances from Shimmies will go to the Jimmy Fund.
In the past 4 years, the New England Belly Dance Community has raised almost $15,000 for the fight against cancer!
Now, we think that's pretty cool!